Use your network to promote Virtual Assistants and EARN! 

Share our virtual assistant services with the world and start earning! Your audience needs a virtual assistant to succeed and prosper. Help them make the realization by sharing your knowledge of how a VA can be so helpful.

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete our sign up process and see if you qualify for our affiliate program. We welcome influencers, bloggers, affiliate marketers and so much more!

Step 2: Share

Upon approval, we’ll provide you with an exclusive coupon code connected to your affiliate account. You’ll have access to providing anyone a FREE 3 hour trial period.

Step 3: Earn

You’ll earn $75 for every time a friend or colleague joins Surplus Hands. We’ll even nurture and help onboard your referrals to purchase a plan.

Referral Program FAQs

Referral payments are applied 90 days after your referral signs up. All payments are sent out using PayPal.

Your earnings are infinite. We’ll reward you for every referral that’s processed through your account.

Not a problem! Just have them mention your name during their consultation request and we’ll take care of things in the backend. You can always reach us at to get an update on your referrals.

An automatic notification will be sent to your email notifying you of when your referral discount code has been used. After the 90 day period, we’ll inform you of payment disbursement.

Register for our affiliate program now:

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